its not everyday Ingrid Tarrant needs to borrow a bath towel from you…

"Spirit in the Sky" Statue of Red Kite in Llanwrtyd Wells Town Square
“Spirit in the Sky” Statue of Red Kite in Llanwrtyd Wells Town Square

…It was some years ago that we moved to Llanwrtyd on a whim and with little or no thought and even less planning and preparation.  All our best decisions are made of the cuff and following the heart.  Never has a good decision been made from weighing up the pros and cons and doing a cost analysis – i can use both buying a flat off plan in Southend and investing pension money in Equitable Life as two very costly examples of trying to be grown up and sensible.

John and I prefer to go with what feels right, with an ‘it’ll be right’ attitude to how it will all work out.  (At this point I have to admit that John has always been much better at this than I when it comes to playing the “What If ” game – but I am pretty much getting the hang of it).

Our rural home here in Llanwrtyd wells - Cerdyn Villa
Our rural home here in Llanwrtyd wells – Cerdyn Villa

Anyway – upping sticks and moving to Llanwrtyd from a pin in the map for a weekend away could not have worked out better.  Llanwrtyd Wells is, I quote “The Smallest Town in the UK”.  Definition of town is a vague but if the Guiness Book of Records says so and the Visit Wales are happy to promote us as such, who are we to question.

We know it and love it as the

note how the whole of Llanwrtyd is "world Bogsnorkelling"  - tin of shortbread available UK wide in M&S
note how the whole of Llanwrtyd is “world Bogsnorkelling” – tin of shortbread available UK wide in M&S

“HOME OF BOGSNORKELLING”.  It is  a USP that opitimises our life & this lovely little town –  quirky, interesting, fun, and friendly – always up for a laugh, showing visitors a good time.  Not many towns (or villages) are lucky enough to have a real USP.  Businesses spend thousands on think tanks to identify these.  We have this one handed to us on a plate – or rather, through the enthusiasm, determination and imagination of Mr Gordon Green – creator of our many quirky events.  Together with a go-getting community of tireless volunteers who make these things happen year on year.

Moving from the outskirts of London our friends there might wonder that we would not ‘miss the excitement’, ‘ have nothing to do’, ‘ be bored’ .  To be honest we didn’t think about any such issues before we came nor did we think about how active we would end up being either.  In all my years B.L. (Before llanwrtyd)  I never met, spoke to , or had anything to do with journalists, TV crews or people in the public eye.  But here its almost a weekly occurrence.  Yesterday I was chatting to CNN about the rules of Bogsnorkelling and liaising with National Geographic channel who are sending a film crew.  We’ve had Paddy McGuiness, Griff-Rhys Jones, CNN, CBS, So TV, the list goes on.

Some years back Chris and Ingrid Tarrant, before their acrimonious split , were here filming a series about a road trip around Wales.  You may have ..and that is one of my bath sheets!seen the first series where they traveled around England.  Anyway, there was Ingrid ready to jump in the Bog and give it a go…. but she didn’t have a towel….

..and that is one of my bath sheets!

Me with Chris Tarrant

Interesting things happen when you open your eyes and you least expect them.  Live it, love it.

We are all here for a spell, get all the good laughs you can.”
Will Rogers